The Greenville Community Partnership (GCP)  is excited to announce it has received $843,740  from the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) program for FY2018 application cycle. This award represents the total amount requested  for I Love Greenville Community Plan activities, making it the first time our projects have been fully funded!!!

NRTC grant funds will support continued execution of neighborhood improvement initiatives outlined in the I Love Greenville Community Plan and is primarily due to generous program investments by the following values-driven corporations: Boiling Springs Savings Bank, M&T Bank, Sterling National Bank & Valley National Bank.

This year's projects will be executed by longstanding GCP members - Garden State Episcopal Community Development Corporation and AngelaCARES - along with newly participating organizations - Peace Care St. Ann’s and Haven Adolescent Respite Center. Projects to be funded are listed below.


Garden State Episcopal CDC                                                  Greenville Home Ownership Initiative

Acquisition and rehabilitation of five  abandoned properties to create affordable housing to be sold to moderate-income buyers.

Peace Care - St. Ann's Home                                                   Greenville Nursing Scholars Program

Scholarships for 6-11 Peace Care Certified Nurse's Assistants to receive free education for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Registered Nurses (RN) certification.

AngelaCARES                                                                           AngelaCARES Youth Programming

Three interrelated activities for GCP youth academic and social development: 1) Reading Bridge 2) Classroom Heroes 3) Joining Our Youth & Seniors (JOYS)

Haven Adolescent                                                                     Supporting Our Youth with Skills & Community

Implementation of two  activities to support healthy youth development: 1) Evening Life Skills for Youth 2)Peer Mediation workshops.

These four (4) highly prioritized I Love Greenville Community Plan activities demonstrate the commitment of local nonprofit organizations to the GCP target area, highlight the collaborative and inclusive nature of the GCP effort, and leverage the new investments in the neighborhood to benefit all residents. Created with input from over 500 community stakeholders and approved for NRTC program participation in 2013, the I Love Greenville Community Plan aims to address quality of life issues related to housing, employment, education, health and wellness and economic development. 

The NRTC program is administered by the NJ Department of Community Affairs and offers business entities a 100% tax credit against various state taxes for investment in revitalization activities within low- and moderate-income neighborhoods throughout New Jersey. This program also offers non-profit organizations, with approved NRTC plans, the opportunity to receive up to 1 million dollars each year to execute plan goals and strategies.

Previous I Love Greenville Community Plan investors include: PNC Bank, Horizon Blue Cross & Blue Shield of New Jersey, Dixon Advisory, JP Morgan Chase and Sealy Mattress of Paterson. Their total NRTC investment of just over $1 million dollars was used to:
-Implement health & wellness programs for seniors, financial literacy & volunteer programs for youth,
-Recruit GCP area entrepreneurs for business training courses to start local businesses
-Construct five (5) two-family homes for purchase by moderate-income first-time buyers
-Establish afterschool programs for elementary school students & employ high school students as tutors & music teachers

Facilitated by Garden State Episcopal CDC and in partnership with several non-profit organizations, residents, houses of worship, block associations, and other stakeholders -- the I Love Greenville Community Plan is a grassroots approach to community transformation by encouraging dialogue, collaboration and activating the community to address key issues.

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