in December 2011 Greenville residents came together to begin charting a course for the future of OUR Neighborhood. 

We recognized that as State & Federal programs are cut, and local services disappear, it will be increasingly important that neighbors be directly and aggressively active in the future of the community.

The area between Bergen and Ocean Avenues and Woodlawn Avenue and Union Street faces many challenges — poverty, distress, socio-economic issues include concerns about education, workforce training, resident health, social service delivery, economic development, and transportation. 

The Neighborhood Plan defines a very comprehensive and ambitious strategy for investing in the future of Greenville. Clearly residents and stakeholders, businesses and community groups all have critically important roles to play to make this plan a reality. 

Residents, landlords and businesses must be mobilized on a block-by-block basis to invest in their homes, properties and streets. Community organizations must focus their resources and collaborate with each other to meet the critical goals and invest in the key projects defined in this plan. 

State and Federal agencies must provide grant funding to improve streetscapes, expand educational and training opportunities, invest in public safety and create new and improved transportation options.

This will not be easy. The challenges facing the Greenville Neighborhood did not develop overnight.They will not be resolved overnight. But by working together, bringing a unified voice to the needs of the community, and collaborating with each other, the goals of the community can be realized. 

This Plan is the first important step TO A BRIGHT FUTURE.